In central Brazil is the state of Goiás, of which Goiânia is the capital. It is a cutting-edge, bustling metropolis positioned on a fertile plain crisscrossed by several rivers, the most vital being the Meia Ponte. Approximately 30% of the town region is green; and it has wooded areas, tree-lined streets, and parks as to create warmth for its population. Amongst the many parks is the Bosque dos Buritis, in which the principal sights are diverse species of Buriti, which is a palm tree that produces a yellow fruit.

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The Bosque dos Buritis includes the Monument to World Peace, created by the Goiás artist Siron Franco. In it, earth from shipped from more than 50 countries is combined together in a seven-meter tall “ampule” of concrete and glass which has an ability to hold up to of forty tons. Additional earth is deposited annually 12 months, in a rite on world environment day. Alternative works by Franco, in addition to many different Brazilian artists, are on shown within the Goiânia Museum of Art. For more greenery attraction in Goiânia is the Chico Mendes Botanical Gardens, wherein there are a lake and a nature reserve containing fruit trees, orchids, and bromeliads.

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In the course of the day, there’s truly a great deal to be enjoyed in Goiânia. There are multiple parks for you to go to, and shopping on commercial streets. The night time lifestyle is vibrant, and you will discover many bars, pubs and lively night clubs full of energetic dancers.

Praça Universitária (Universities Square) – This park is a veritable al fresco museum. Many sculptures are visible all around the plaza.
Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer – This center, constructed by architect Oscar Niemeyer (Niemeyer designed the capital, Brasilia), with a theater and a museum committed to the subculture of the metropolis of Goiania. It’s a primary cultural center of the world.
Museu Goiano Zoroastro Artiaga (Zoroastro Artiaga’s Museum) – Positioned at the north end of Praça Cívica, the museum houses critical works of art of the state of Goiás.
Museu Pedro Ludovico Teixeira (Pedro Ludovico’s Museum) – This museum, which was the previous residence to Pedro Ludovico (founder of Goiânia), keeps a group of gadgets and furniture of the former governor, even his1953 Chevrolet truck.
Estádio Serra Dourada (Serra Dourada Stadium) – It’s the location of Brazilian soccer games. By far the most exceptional grass in Brazil. Each Wednesday and Sunday there are matches taking place in the stadium.
Teatro Goiânia (Goiânia Theater) – houses many concerts and theater shows on Araguaia avenue.
Teatro Rio Vermelho (Rio Vermelho Theater) – concert events and lectures are held in their auditoriums located in the convention center of Goiânia
Centro de Convenções (convention center of Goiânia) – home of fairs and cultural conventions.

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