The state of Ceará’s capital city ios Fortaleza. It has been considered for many years to be one of the most famous locations of Brazilian travelers. In past few years, the reputation of Fortaleza has been gaining throughout the world, and the broad range of travelers coming to Ceará is growing fast.

What attracts such a lot of Brazilian and foreigners to Fortaleza? It’s much more secure to say that what draws visitors is a mixture of the sunny seashores, the busy and vibrant nightlife, the scrumptious culinary, the exotic Brazilian lifestyle, the non-violent and pleasant humans. On top of that, it is worthy citing that Brazil a country with low cost of living is not burdened by from natural disasters.

From the low-key tempo of Praia do Futuro to the party environment of Iracerna, beaches are the primary appeal to Fortaleza. In case you are searching out more than just getting your tan on, there’s the fishing and boating base camp at Mucuripe. For a boardwalk type atmosphere the shopping on the Mercado Central or Feirinha Beira Mar, brims with a wide selection of local handcrafted items.

Daytime skyline of Fortaleza

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It’s considered one of the biggest cities in Brazil with a populace of approximately 2.5 million and without a doubt one of the most colorful. The people are nicknamed Alencarinos in honor of writer José de Alencar, who is so critical for the identity of the metropolis. He eagerly mentioned the origins of the people, languages and geographic vital in this context is the novel Iracema, with its famous essential man or woman lending her name to various neighborhoods and inspiring statues around the city.

Theater enterance in Fortaleza

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Theatro José de Alencar, constructed in 1912, is positioned at the south end of the square and is the architectural landmark of the town. Praça José de Alencar has lots of greenery and is the area to admire the city’s high-quality live performers.

Airiel shot of Fortaleza square

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The fortress of Nossa Senhora da Assunção is positioned inside the city center. The citadel was built with the aid of the Dutch in 1649 and is the spot in which Fortaleza originated. The name translates to Fort of Our Lady of the Rising.

Fortaleza fortress at dusk

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